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How many countries does California ship apples to?

California ships apples to 27 countries including Taiwan, Mexico, Canada, Southeast Asia and more.
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Monetarily speaking, how much does the California apple industry generate?

The California apple industry generates over $105,000,000.

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How many acres in the state of California are dedicated to apple production?

California has almost 14,000 acres exclusively in apple production.

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Of the apples produced in California, how many are shipped domestically/internationally?

California's apple industry proudly ships 75% of the apples produced domestically, and 25% internationally.

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What apple varieties does California produce?

California specializes in four varieties, which include: Gala, Fuji, Granny Smith, and Cripps Pink.

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What is California's apple shipping season?

California ships apples from July through January.

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How does California's apple production rank with other apple producing states?

California is the 2nd largest exporter of apples in the United States, and the 5th largest producer of apples in the United States.

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In what California counties are apples produced?

California apples are produced in almost every county of the state.

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How many pounds of fresh apples does California represent?

California represents a total of 120 million pounds of fresh apples.

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How many bins of apples are produced in one acre?

There are 40-50 bins/acre in apples.

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How many pounds (lbs) are in a box of fresh apples?

A box of apples weighs 40 lbs.

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