Strategic Action Plan

In April 2010, the California Apple Commission held a strategic planning meeting to discuss the current and future challenges of the Commission. After much discussion and strategy, the Commission reviewed and updated its Strategic Action Plan and focused on six key focus points for the Commission to pursue. These six items will be the main areas of pursuit for the Commission for the next four to five years. These items will assist the Commission in addressing several of the challenges that the fresh apple industry is facing.

State Law

California Apple Commission Law


California Apple Commission By-Laws



         Assessment Form

Destination Report

        Destination Report Form


Voter Access Procedures


             Board of Directors - Agenda June 19, 2019

           Nomination Meeting - May 7, 2019

             Executive Committee - May 3, 2019

           Board of Directors - Agenda December 12, 2018

           Board of Directors - Agenda June 12, 2018

Executive Committee Meeting Agenda - April 14, 2014

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda - June 21, 2013


Letters of Support

          USMCA Letter to Vice President 

            USMCA Press Release













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