In 2013-2014, the California Apple Commission focused on several research projects. Some projects are continuations from prior research, while other projects began during the season.

The Research Committee for the California Apple Commission approved three research proposals during the 2013 year. A fourth was conducted under the California Blueberry Commission Research Committee but included apples within the research.


These projects included:


1. Evaluation of new bactericides for control of fire blight of apples caused by Erwinia amylovora and evaluation of new postharvest fungicides for pome fruits – Dr. Jim Adaskaveg*


2. Systems-based strategies for postharvest insect control: Mortality and removal of light brown apple moth, codling moth, brown marmorated stink bug, and other insect pests in California apples during packing and export – Dr. Spencer Walse


3. The postharvest treatment of California apples with cylinderized phosphine to control Oriental fruit moth (OFM)                 – Dr. Spencer Walse and Steven Tebbets


4. The postharvest fumigation of California blueberries to eliminate insects with potential to serve as export trade barriers Dr.Spencer Walse and Steven Tebbets**


 * $8,000 was provided by Arysta LifeScience to complete this project

** Funding for this research project was provided by the California Blueberry Commission. Though not specifically mentioned in the project title, it also demonstrates the effect of postharvest fumigation of California apples to eliminate insects with the potential to serve as export barriers.

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