In 2011-2012, the California Apple Commission focused on several research projects. Some of these projects were scheduled and continuations of prior research while other projects became available or necessary during the season.

The Research Committee for the California Apple Commission approved two research proposals during the 2011 year. These proposals included:

1) Evaluation of new bactericides for controls of fire blight of apples caused by Erwinia amylovora - Jim Adaskaveg 

2) The treatment of apple with methyl bromide for postharvest control of Light Brown Apple Moth - Spencer Walse

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Additionally, there were several unscheduled research activities that the California Apple Commission conducted during the year:

Support for Streptomycin and Tetracycline for apple producers on organic products

The California Apple Commission gathered support and worked on the continuance of streptomycin and tetracycline for use on organic products. The National Organics Standards Board (NOSB) was in the process of removing both of these products for organic use. The Commission effectively helped rally support against the NOSB's actions and for the time being prevented the removal of these products.

Dr. Curry's review of Lenticel Breakdown in California's Fujis

Due to an increasing concern over lenticel breakdown in the Fuji variety the Commission was prompted to hire USDA's Agricultural Research Service to conduct an examination of California's current growing and packing procedures. Dr. Curry, an expert on lenticel breakdown, visited and toured the California apple industry. Dr. Curry provided information and suggestions on how to prevent or limit lenticel breakdown in the California Fuji variety.


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